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“When first approached about using First Defense® I wasn’t quite sure about it but, it’s a simple easy way as far as prevention for scours. It’s something we can give day old, immediately and see the benefits right away.”

BRAD SCOTTScott Brothers Dairy | Moreno Valley, CA

“We have been using First Defense® for the last 3-4 years and are really happy with the product. For us it’s important, it’s a big investment and a huge return. The product is convenient and versatile.  Knowing we have protection as soon as the calf hits the ground is satisfying and comforting. This product gives assurance.”

DAN KULLOT, DVMSyracuse Dairy | Syracuse, KS

“We usually have scour issues in calves from the last 25% of cows that calve, likely due to increased pathogens. We used First Defense® on those 25% of calves this year and not a single calf scoured. First Defense® is something we’ll definitely use next year and likely on a higher percentage of our herd.”

JIMMY THOMASTHOMAS CATTLE | 400 head cow/calf production for EU export market | Homedale, ID

“A combination of rain and snow for several weeks resulted in challenging calving weather and our calves being born in wet and muddy conditions. We were amazed at how well First Defense® worked even with the poor weather conditions. We didn’t have to treat any of our First Defense® calves for scours and we experienced a reduction in pneumonia rates as well.”

RICK & VIVIAN LORENZINILORENZINI FARMS | 300 head cow / calf beef operation | Waldona, CO

“With input from our herd veterinarian, we revamped our calf-care program by upgrading the vaccination protocol; switching from milk replacer to pasteurized waste milk; hired a calf-care manager and administered First Defense® to every heifer calf shortly after birth. We now have just 2 to 3 percent pneumonia incidence and continue to use First Defense® on every heifer calf.”


“Before I used First Defense® I was administering several vaccines in unison. In talking with my veterinarian, I learned that those vaccines actually were cancelling one another out. That was more than 10 years ago. I switched to only First Defense® and have been using it since.”

FREDA CAREYHC DAIRY FARM | 500 cows | Lakeland, FL

“About seven years ago, we were having a serious problem with rotavirus and coronavirus; we were losing a lot of calves. Our veterinarian recommended administering First Defense® to newborns. It took care of the problem and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve given First Defense® to every heifer calf since.”


“Approximately 10 years ago we had a minor flair-up of scours in our herd… The following year we administered First Defense® to every newborn. Scours became basically non-existent..”


“We began using First Defense® during the 2013 calving season when we were treating what seemed like half of our calves for scours. Since using First Defense®, we have treated only four calves for scours out of our 600 head herd. First Defense® really works!”


“First Defense® is like an insurance policy that pays for itself in spades. Say you cut your death loss from, conservatively, 8 to 2 percent… That fuels the growth of the whole dairy.”


“First Defense® works, because we’ve seen the outcome of its absence. Two different times, we chose to cut back and stop giving it and both times the calves got sick. We’ve learned our lesson. My advice: get your calves on it, and stick with it.”

LLOYD CONNELLDAIRY CALF PRO | Started with First Defense® as a result of a severe E. coli scours outbreak. | FIRST DEFENSE® USER SINCE 2003