Tri-Shield First Defense®

First Defense® Tri-Shield™, approved by the USDA in November 2017, combines the E. coli and coronavirus antibodies contained in First Defense®, with rotavirus antibody content to produce the only product on the market with trivalent protection against three of the leading pathogens that lead to calf scouring. Preventing scours in newborn calves reduces the need to use treatment antibiotics later in life. This new product will be available in a gel tube delivery format.

First Defense® is the only USDA-licensed, orally delivered scours preventive product on the market for calves with claims against E. coli K99 and coronavirus (two leading causes of scours).

First Defense® products provide bovine antibodies that newborn calves need but are unable to produce on their own immediately after birth. Our milk antibody products provide Immediate ImmunityTM during the first few critical days of life when calves need this protection most.

Studies have shown that calves that scour are more susceptible to other diseases later in life and under-perform calves that do not contract scours. The direct, two-part mode-of-action of First Defense® delivers specific immunoglobulins at the gut level to immediately protect against disease, while also providing additional antibodies that are absorbed into the bloodstream. These circulating antibodies function like a natural timed-release mechanism, as they are re- secreted into the gut later to provide extended protection. A single dose of First Defense® products provide a guaranteed level of protection proven to reduce mortality and morbidity from two major causes of calf scours.

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  • 100% bovine antibodies from colostrum
    • Vaccination concept perfected
  • Immediate protection
  • Consistent guaranteed antibody levels
  • USDA Proven results
  • 24 month shelf life
  • OMRI listed
    • OMRI listed for use on organic farms