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National Mastitis Counsel 51st Annual Meeting 1-23-12

Bacteriocins: Applications in Prevention and Treatment of Mastitis

Bacteriocins are antibacterial peptides or proteins that generally affect members of related genera or species.  They constitute a family of compounds that arose during the evolution of Microbial Defense Systems, which comprise many families of molecules used by bacteria to compete successfully for survival. more>>

New York Times 1-25-11
F.D.A and Dairy Industry Spar Over Testing of Milk

Each year, federal inspectors find illegal levels of antibiotics in hundreds of older dairy cows bound for the slaughterhouse. Concerned that those antibiotics might also be contaminating the milk Americans drink, the Food and Drug Administration intended to begin tests this month on the milk from farms that had repeatedly sold cows tainted by drug residue. more>>

Portland Press Herald 1-30-11
The Bottom Line: Portland company keeping cows healthy

PORTLAND — Biotechnology firm ImmuCell makes two big batches of a cheddar-like cheese every week in a laboratory in Portland. But you wouldn’t want to eat ImmuCell’s cheddar. It’s made from cow colostrum, nutrient-rich milk that mammals produce when birthing.

Apparently it’s not very tasty. But that’s OK with ImmuCell, because the cheese is a byproduct in the production of whey, an antibody-rich substance used by farmers to prevent disease in newborn calves. more>>