First Defense®

First Defense® is the only USDA accredited, colostrum derived, scours preventative providing Immediate Immunity™ against both E. coli and coronavirus (two main causes of neonatal scours).  Scours is the primary cause of death in newborn calves.  Calves that survive scours are highly susceptible to respiratory and other secondary diseases along with stunted growth and production losses.  Scours is a serious economic drain for both the dairy and beef industry.

Purified Nisin Intramammary Treatment

ImmuCell is nearing FDA approval of an intramammary treatment for subclinical mastitis.  Mastitis is the most costly and common disease affecting the dairy Industry   inflicting a drain in profits of approximately $2 billion each year.  This tool significantly differs from traditional antibiotics, will not require a milk discard or meat withhold, and will allow for economically justified treatment of mastitis prior to seeing clinical signs.

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ImmuCell is an entrepreneurial animal health company that develops, manufactures and markets scientifically-proven products that maximize the genetic potential of dairy and beef through disease prevention, and reduced dependence on antibiotics.

At ImmuCell we have a desire to make life easier and business more profitable for dairy and beef producers.  We hate fluff so are committed to meeting USDA, CFIA, FDA, and OMRI standards for efficacy.  We also hate inflating prices to cover bureaucratic overhead which is why we run lean, logical, committed to our customers and results.

Our lead product, First Defense® is the only USDA-approved product proven to reduce mortality and morbidity from disease due to K99+ E. coli and coronavirus, two major causes of scours.

What people are saying about First Defense®

“When first approached about using First Defense® I wasn’t quite sure about it but, it’s a simple easy way as far as prevention for scours. It’s something we can give day old, immediately and see the benefits right away.”

Scott Brothers Dairy | Moreno Valley, CA

“The savings are dramatic, we were using egg antibodies for about two years. We still had a scour percentage morbidity of about 13.7% and we had a mortality rate of 4.8%. We swapped out the egg antibodies for First Defense® and within the first 90 days our scour rate dropped to 7% and our death loss on the first group of 90 day calves was 0.89%. The labor costs are lower. Everything runs smoother. It’s just invaluable.”

Daytona Dairy | Preston, ID