Immediate Immunity™<br>Against Calf Scours

Immediate Immunity™
Against Calf Scours

First Defense® is the only USDA-approved product proven to reduce mortality and morbidity from disease due to K99+ E. coli and coronavirus, two major causes of scours.

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Early Detection<br>Rapid Cow-Side Test

Early Detection
Rapid Cow-Side Test

The CMT (California Mastitis Test) is a rapid cow-side test for early detection of mastitis and for years has been a trusted tool of dairy producers.

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  • Approximately 10 years ago we had a minor flair-up of scours in our herd… The following year we administered First Defense to every newborn. Scours became basically non-existent.

    Brad Bader
    Carrousel Farms, Beef Farm

  • We began using First Defense during the 2013 calving season when we were treating what seemed like half of our calves for scours. Since using First Defense, we have treated only four calves for scours out of our 600 head herd. First Defense really works!

    Brian Marshall
    Marshall & Fenner Farms, Beef Farm

  • First Defense is like an insurance policy that pays for itself in spades. Say you cut your death loss from, conservatively, 8 to 2 percent… That fuels the growth of the whole dairy.

    Arie Roeloffs
    Southfield Dairy, Dairy Farm

  • First Defense works, because we’ve seen the outcome of its absence. Two different times, we chose to cut back and stop giving it and both times the calves got sick. We’ve learned our lesson. My advice: get your calves on it, and stick with it.

    dairy calf pro
    Lloyd Connell, Wicketthorn Farms | 700 cows, London, Ontario, Canada
    Started with First Defense as a result of a severe E. coli scours outbreak.
    First Defense user since 2003